Here’s a running list of all of my interview archives, separated into seasons and easy to scan through. Happy listening!


Season 8 Archives:

S8E14: Joe Monti — Great Advice on Show Business
S8E13: Bill Gladwell — Succeeding with a One Man Theater Show
S8E12: Al The Only — General Practice Magician
S8E11: Steve Chezaday — Tips & Tricks from a Rockstar Magician
S8E10: Angela Parrish — Multiple Streams of Income
S8E9: Fantastick Patrick — Juggling, TV, & Generosity
S8E8: Tom Ameen — Building a Career as a Musician
Bonus: How are Jay Alexander & Christian Cagigal Building the Fog City Magic Fest
S8E7: Katie Marchese — Running a Magic Biz & Working with Her Husband
S8E6: Mario the Magician — Generosity and Making his Own Props
S8E5: Laura Dickinson — Hard Work, Music, and Voice Acting
S08E04: Kenton Knepper — The Power of Words and Nonverbal Communication
S08E03: Nick Paul — Lessons Working with Disney
S08E02: Chris Ruggiero — Juggling Business
S08E01: Annie Banannie — Balloon Storytelling


Season 7 Archives:

S07E12: Avner Eisenberg — Comedy Without Words
S07E11: Jon Armstrong — No Plan B to Magic!
S07E10: Adam Wilber (Ellusionist GM) — Publishing Your Effect
S07E09: Josh London — Internet Marketing Part 2
S07E08: Josh London — Internet Marketing Part 1
S07E07: Richard Ribuffo — Acting for Magicians
S07E06: Carisa Hendrix — Hiring an Assistant and More
S07E05: Chipper Lowell — Comic Magician
S07E04: Seth Kramer — Trade Show Traffic Stopper
S07E03: Keri Kazz — Talks Mentoring and The Danger Circus
S07E02: Alex Clark — Juggling and Web Cartoons
S07E01: Brian Miller — Magically Connecting with your Audience


Season 6 Archives:

S06E12: Thom Britton — The Danger Circus
S06E11: Fielding West — Effective Communication from Stage
S06E10: Fred & Bobbie Becker — Gigs on Ships
S06E09: Brad Ross — How to Market Your Show Business
S06E08: Clay Mabbitt — Sell Out Your Theater Show
S06E07: Brian Campbell — Show Business is Really People Business!
S06E06: Steve Spill — Bar Magic, Magicopolis, and His New Book!
S06E05: Mac King — Vegas Afternoon Magic
S06E04: Jeff Civillico — Juggling & Career Design
S06E03: Ivan Pecel — Comedy Juggling
S06E02: Matthew McCoy — Theater Tips for Magicians
S06E01: Pete Ellison — Assembly Music Shows & Show Operations


Season 5 Archives:

S05E12: Michael Rayner — Juggling & Audience Warmups
S05E11: Shawn Popp — Magic, Music, and ShowCues
S05E10: John Abrams — Assembly Shows
S05E09: Amazing Allison — Corporate Mentalism
S05E08: John Kaplan — Fundraising Magic Shows
S05E07: Julia Othmer — Singer Songwriter Talks about her Successful Kickstarter Campaign
S05E06: Mentalist William Rader talks about selling tickets online!
S05E05: Phil Ackerly talks about losing his day job and then going full time performing magic!
S05E04: David Aiken — the Checkerboard Guy
S05E03: James Galea — a Band of Magicians
S05E02: Norman Ng — Magician Talks About Lifestyle Design & Talent Agencies!
S05E01: Dan Chan — Magic, Kids, and Dinner Shows!


Season 4 Archives:

S04E12: Niels Duinker — Juggler Catching Greatness
S04E11: Daniel Martin — Touring Comedy Magic
S04E10: Brian Glow — Corporate Magic Rock Star
S04E09: Christopher Lyle — Sleightly Delusional Restaurant Magic
S04E08: Dan Holzman — Comedy Juggler
S04E07: Justin Willman — Magician & TV Host
S04E06: Doug Scheer — Themed Magic Shows
S04E05: Dean Hankey — The DEAN of Success
S04E04: Shawn Farquhar — Magician Does Business with Friends
S04E03: Zach Waldman — Magician & Marketing Expert
S04E02: Brian Brushwood — Magician & Internet Celebrity
S04E01: Suzanne — Magician


Season 3 Archives:

S03E12: Katrine Spang-Hanssen — Corporate Juggler
S03E11: John Crist — Comedian
S03E10: Eric Henning — The Financial Wizard
S03E09: CJ Johnson — Hypnotist and Game Show Host!
S03E08: Nick Lewin — Talks Corporate Magic!
S03E07: Show Business Lessons with Jay Alexander
S03E06: Joe Diamond — Magic and Publicity
S03E05: Mark Kornhauser — Casino Magician & Comedy Act
S03E04: Kevin Viner — Corporate Magician & Mind Reader
S03E03: Christian Cagigal — Bizarre Magical Theatre
S03E02: Micah Cover — Magician Makes His Audience the Star!
S03E01: Alex Ramon — Magician Prodigy


Season 2 Archives:

S02E12: Jonny Zavant — Reads Minds as a College Entertainer
S02E11: Jonathan Levit — Magician/Actor
S02E10: Paul Green — Strolling Magician
S02E09: Bizzaro — Optical Illusionist!
S02E08: Scotty Meltzer — Corporate Juggler & Comedy Writer
S02E07: Tony Clark — Magician & Show Producer
S02E06: Lou Serrano — The Magician that’s Always Working
S02E05: Michael Eaton — Ninja Restaurant Magic
S02E04: Rick Gerber — Anheuser Busch Master Illusionist
S02E03: Lou Santini — Wants to Make People Laugh!
S02E02: Tiff Jimber — Attaining Musical Goals
S02E01: Josh London—Magician & AdWords Expert


Season 1 Archives:

S01E12: Melanie Devaney—Country Songstress
S01E11: Gabriel Morrison—Voice Actor
S01E10: Scott Marshall—Rude Boy Magician
S01E09: Jason Escape—Escape/Artist
S01E08: Wayne Gonce—More than a Magician
S01E07: Natalie Gelman—Sings with Soul
S01E06: Kostya Kimlat—Business Magician
S01E05: George Tovar—Classics of Magic with a Twist
S01E04: Simon Coronel—Our Favorite Aussie Magician
S01E03: Scott Wells—Corporate Magician to the Energy Industry
S01E02: Lindsay Benner—Juggles from the Heart
S01E01: Shawn McMaster — a Crazy Comedy Magician