063 Ivan Pecel - Comedy Juggler

S6E3: Ivan Pecel — Comedy Juggling

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063 Ivan Pecel - Comedy Juggler

Ivan Pecel talks about his career as a professional juggler, targeting specific markets, and his take on comedy.

Ivan is quite an accomplished comedy juggler based out of Los Angeles, CA. As funny as a stand up comic, and as skilled as a chinese acrobat, he’s appeared on MTV, America’s Got Talent, and the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

He’s become a favorite performer for a wide variety of venues like corporations, colleges, trade shows, comedy clubs, cruise ships, and casinos. An interesting fact about Ivan is that in the twelve years he’s been performing professionally, he’s never had a slow time in his business! We’ll delve into that topic for sure!


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Success Quote

Talent is overrated. — Geoff Colvin


Having a Great Video

• Invest in a good camera.

• If you don’t have video editing capabilities, hire a good pro.  

• Targeting your video to the market you want to work in. 

• Make sure the exposure is correctly adjusted so you;re not washed out.

• The better the video quality, the better the video.


Comedy is King

• Knowing your audience and telling appropriate jokes that relate to them.

• Getting the comedy out of audience interactions.

• How “far he goes” in his antics.

• Acknowledge the heckler once, then twice, then ignore him.

• Hecklers: watch this video of how Ivan almost completely lost control of his show as the drunkest woman in the world heckles him.


Failure Moment

Tells how he cancelled one gig in favor of a better gig which fell through because he didn’t get a contract.


Favorite Success

1. Doing a show in Vegas called Jubilee.

2. Being on Jay Leno’s show.


Biggest Professional Challenge

Crushing the stigma of being a juggler.


Interesting Story From the Road

Juggling at a restaurant and having a kid up on stage with him pee on his leg.


Other Topics Covered

• There’s more to show biz than just having a good show.

• Meeting with agents and event planners.

• His desire to work on cruise ships and what he did to get there.

• Never put all you eggs in one basket.

• His email list and how he interacts with it.

• Content for his monthly email newsletter.


Parting Advice

Just do it! Show biz is not a part time job.


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Born Standing Up by Steve Martin

Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin

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Where can we find Ivan Pecel?

Ivan Pecel’s Website

Twitter @ivanpecel | Facebook | Instagram | Vine

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