062 Matthew McCoy - Magician
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S6E2: Matthew McCoy — Theater Tips for Magicians

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062 Matthew McCoy - Magician

Matthew McCoy gives some great theatrical advice for magicians in some practical steps you can take to improve your act!

Matthew is a theater actor, director, choreographer, and producer up in the Bay Area of Northern California. He’s the founder of BAM!, or Bay Area Musicals and currently serves as Artistic Director.

Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre he’s acted professionally in countless productions like The Wiz, Guys & Dolls, The Sound of Music, Chicago, and Hairspray. He’s also choreographed and directed such shows as Cinderella, The Music Man, Dracula, and Mary Poppins. This is just naming a few.

Finally, he has an extensive background and knowledge of magic which has made him a sought after asset to direct new magical theater projects in the United States and around the world.


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Success Quote

Follow your bliss and the universe will open up doors where there were walls. — Joseph Campbell


BAM! Bay Area Musicals

• Where his inspiration came from in starting this project. 

• Spotted a need and aimed to fill that need.  

• Forming a board of advisors.  

• Creating a business plan.

• Branding.

• Raising funds.


Coaching & Direction for Magicians

• Common magician mistakes: not knowing your audience, not knowing the story, not making eye contact, originality, taking criticism.

• Variance – adding variety “so you’re not just doing cards or split fans.”

• Specificity – every single second should be accounted for. This allows you to test and measure things and find the best options for timing and movement, etc.

• Physicality – the physical life and nature of your persona on stage.


Some tips for magicians:

• If you don’t have a script, write one.

• Kill all stock lines.

• Take an acting class.

• Exercise and take care of your body.

• People don’t care about you or the show. They’re looking for an escape from their day-to-day life.


Failure Moment

Called the music incorrectly when calling cues for show. They weren’t able to recover. Ouch!


Favorite Success

BAM! Starting Bay Area Musicals!


Biggest Professional Challenge

Raising capital. You don’t want to set sail until you can afford to sink.


Interesting Story From the Road

A quick fun story involving Master Magician Chris Capehart


Other Topics Covered

• Talks about moving out to San Francisco and how he went about it. It was very calculated and planned.

• Talks about his background in magic.

• His involvement in Magic at the Beach and producing variety shows.


Parting Advice

Honesty, originality, and professionalism.


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Sense of Direction by William Ball

The Viewpoints Book by Anne Bogart

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Where can we find Matthew McCoy?

Matthew McCoy’s Website

Champions of Magic

BAM! Bay Area Musicals

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