S1E3: Scott Wells—Corporate Magician to the Energy Industry


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Join us for a conversation with Scott Wells, a magician out of Houston who performs for corporate clients in the Energy Industry.

Favorite quote:

Two quotes, actually, and both Scott Wells originals!

What’s life if you can’t live it? — Scott Wells

A magician who isn’t working is only fooling himself. — Scott Wells


Failure moment:

While working cruise ships, his wife wasn’t crazy about being on the ships all the time. There was also a time on a cruise engagement where his style of humor didn’t meld well with the (European) audiences because of cultural differences. Listen to hear the lessons he took away from these experiences.


Biggest success:

Scott was able to retire early from the energy industry and become a full time magician performing on cruise ships.


What would he have done different?

Scott would have started working for himself earlier to maximize his income as a performer.


Would he say he’s “made it?”

Yes. Scott believes that he’s “made it,” and he goes into details on his thoughts regarding this.


What’s worked well in building business?

• Word of mouth.

• Be on leading the edge when it comes to technology. Try things out and if it works, keep at it.

• Keep in touch with your customers, especially via snail mail.

• Send out a bi-monthly newsletter.


Other topics touched upon:

• Scott describes his journey and how he transitioned into performing full time.

• Talks about his unique selling point.

• He tells us about his support system and what it’s like working with his wife.


Parting advice:

Be genuine and make your uniqueness known. Also, make a plan (set concrete goals) and work your plan.


Recommended books and resources:

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Magic and Showmanship: A Handbook for Conjurers by Henning Nelms

The Golden Rule of Schmoozing: The Authentic Practice of Treating Others Well by Aye Jaye

Anything that Stephen King puts out.

Audible Free Trial


Listen to podcasts, go to conferences & conventions, and support your local brick & mortar magic shops.

Here are a list of some good magic podcasts:
The Magic Newswire put out by Dodd Vickers

The Magic Word put out by Scott Wells


Where can we find Scott?

Scott Wells Corporate Magic Entertainment

The Magic Word Podcast

Online Store

Facebook | Twitter @scottwellsmagic

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    1. Thanks, Josh, for “getting it”. I think too few magicians are focused on the prize, have no direction and “scatter shot” the market. I think you can be more successful if you specialize. Consider the physician’s profession…specialists make more than general practitioners. Be a specialist.

      1. Yeah, I keep hearing “specialize” and “niche down.” I think I’m guilty of scatter shooting the market with my magic business. I really think you’re right, but there’s also a fear that specializing could work against me.

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