S7E8: Josh London — Internet Marketing Part 1

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In this interview, I have my very first return guest! Josh London goes in-depth on internet marketing, first talking about your website, and then going over SEO to help you create a solid foundation for your own internet marketing strategy.



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Getting a View of the Landscape

• Differences between Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization

• What the large pieces of an internet marketing campaign are.

• Making sure you’re creating good quality content.

• Making sure all parts of your campaign line up with each other. No disconnects.

• Three stages to buying: Awareness, Research, and Buying.


Website Design

• Make your website as simple as possible

• Get your user the info they want as fast as possible

• Build on a wordpress framework and use a responsive theme to make it mobile-friendly

• Create the hierarchy of your website: Homepage, About Page, Blog (keep it updated), Contact page

• Don’t try to make it “clever.” Clear and simple is the better way to do things.

• The importance of having a mobile friendly website


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

• White hat vs black hat SEO techniques.

• How to get your site in top rankings in Google.

• Yoast WordPresslugin will help you with your SEO.

• Using keywords in your title, meta description, and body copy.

• Optimizing your images.

• Don’t “stuff” your page with keywords.

• Write for the user, not the search engine.

• What people might overlook when trying to make their site more SEO friendly.

• Using header tags within your copy.

• How to do keyword research.

• Using closely related keywords.

• Having a call to action.

• Look at what everyone else is doing and make what they’re doing better.


Website Content

• You want to have engaging content so that people don’t leave. You want to lower your bounce rate.

• The importance of a blog.

• What should entertainers blog about and not blog about?

• Blogging and content marketing is an art.

• What should be the focus of your blog? Create content that your user wants and that will get shared on social outlets. (And not just by your mom.)

• The content that you blog about should be different than your static pages.

• Talk about the benefits of your services to your customer. Don’t talk about yourself.

• How often should I update my blog?

• Don’t create blog posts on a whim. Try buzzsumo.com

• Commenting on other peoples blog posts on your topic.

• Strategy of getting your blog posts shared.

• Out reaching for your content.

• Ninja outreach.com

• Your blog is another way for you to stay in front of your audience. TOMA

Parting Advice

It’s all about content and making things easy for your user navigating on your site.
Coming up: pay per click keywords.


Where can we find Josh London?


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