S1E2: Lindsay Benner—Juggles from the Heart


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Join us for a fun interview with Lindsay Benner, juggler and variety performer from Los Angeles.

Favorite quote

“Just keep moving forward.” — Anonymous


Failure moment:

Upon opening her “Quest for Love” show, she had three people show up for the first show. She talks about what happened and what she learned from this experience.


Biggest success:

Lindsay had the opportunity to perform for one of her idols, Bill Irwin, in a benefit event. In fact, she was picked by Bill, to be the closer for the variety show!


What would she have done different?

She’s pretty satisfied with how things are at the moment and wouldn’t have done anything differently. She’ll keep moving forward though!

Unique selling point

The way Lindsay differentiates herself from other performers in her genre is to play up her femininity, since women in variety arts, other than burlesque, are rare (though becoming less rare these days). It’s seemed to have worked well for her so far!


Would she say she’s “made it?”

Not yet. She’ll know she’s “made it” once she has her own television special. Of course, it won’t end at that moment, she’ll “keep moving forward.”


Interesting story from the road

Listen to Lindsay weave an interesting story about street performing, and a guy they endearingly referred to as $h!t Man.


Other topics touched upon:

• Street performing and her drive behind that.

• What’s been working for her business-wise?

• Talks about what a day on tour is like.

• Tells about and goes into detail on how he transitioned into performing full time and eventually quit his day job.


Parting advice:

Listen to what delights you and makes you happy. Listen to what gets a good response and “reads” well with your audiences. Combine the two. Think of your audience as an instrument that you play.


Recommended books and resources:

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This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection by Carol Burnett

Love Lucy by Lucille Ball

Born Standing Up by Steve Martin

Mastery by Robert Greene

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Mirrors. Big mirrors that take up the entire wall! Lindsay uses these to play off of, making faces to find out what “reads” for her as she works on silent material.


Where can we find Lindsay?

Lindsy Benner’s Official Site

Facebook | Twitter @LindsayBenner

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