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S8E4: Kenton Knepper — The Power of Words and Nonverbal Communication


In this interview, Kenton Knepper talks all about nonverbal communication as well as the real power of words when it pertains to performing and doing business.

Kenton Knepper is a mentalist who specializes in nonverbal communication, suggestion, and NLP. He’s one of the most prolific creators in the world of magic and mentalism, and has influenced notable names in the industry like Banachek, David Blaine, Derren Brown, Richard Osterlind, and the living legend Johnny Thompson, just to name a few.

Through his company Wonder Wizards, he teaches his methods through seemingly countless products, courses, and private coaching sessions. A couple of his more widely known products are his Wonder Words course, and one of my favorites, Kolossal Killer.

In my opinion, Kenton is the closest thing you’ll find to a modern day Jedi.


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Interview with Kenton Knepper:
Success Mantra

Keep going, keep doing! One thing that people who fail always do is they stop doing what they were doing.


The Power of Words and Nonverbal Communication

• The importance of words.

• Gives examples of phrases that can help to make our presentations more impressive.

• Reversing what people say to change the meaning.

• Changing a word or two in certain phrases to change how people react to what you’re saying.

• How being authentic helps your nonverbal communication.

• Learning principles that help you to integrate nonverbal tactics.

• Helps to amplify what you already are.

• Connecting with your audience and leaving them better off than they were before they met you.

• Communicating on multiple levels, double entendres, etc.

• Building people up with what you say.

• Shining the spotlight on the people you’re interacting with rather than yourself.

• Connecting other people with each other.

• “Do your good where it does the most.” – Wavy Gravy

• Having a set of tools or principles to be able to use in the right instances.

• Having an “out” for when things don’t go as planned.

• How to “read people” and better connect with them.

• How nonverbal can help out in business situations.

• Best place to start learning nonverbal communication is Kenton’s Wonder Words.


Failure Moment

Talks about a close-call underwater escape attempt. He learned the importance of rehearsing in the actual setting you’ll be performing in.


Other Topics Covered

• Talks about his journey and how he took his passion full time.

• Some of the other things he does other than magic, like music and meditation.

• Being really good at all the aspects he was working on.

• Talks about how working restaurants really helps him to get seen and get gigs.

• Talks about what’s going on at Wonder Wizards.

• Talks about the Inner Sanctum which is a monthly subscription to Kenton’s services.

• He also does one-on-one consulting.


Exclusive Content for Patreon Supporters

patreon-logo-200 The uncut version of this interview is available to Patreon Supporters and includes about 10 minutes of additional content. Please consider supporting me on Patreon. 

• Hear a story from Kenton that involves JC Wagner and Bob Sheets, and a lesson he learned from them that effects how he performs to this very day!


Parting Advice

Be authentic.

Be who you really are.

Keep going, the only way to really fail is to stop.


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The voice memo feature on his iPhone



Art and Magic by SH Sharpe

Mind Games by Masters & Houston

Audible Free Trial


Help Kenton Out

I wanted to bring to your attention something that happened after my interview with Kenton. many of you have already heard about this, but right after his birthday, his home was broken into and many important, valuable items were stolen from him. First of all, Kenton and his family are all okay and nobody was harmed, but some of the notable things stolen from him were a brand new computer that hadn’t even made it out of the box, and a number of guitars and other musical instruments that he uses for his music and meditation work.

So, if you are a friend of Kenton, or his work has helped you in any way, please consider helping him out with a donation of any size. It would mean the world to both Kenton and myself. If you are able, please be sure to mention that the Successful Performercast sent you.

Click Here to Help Out


Where can we find Kenton Knepper?



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