S3E6: Joe Diamond — Magic and Publicity

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In this episode, I talk to paranormal magician Joe Diamond. We go into detail on publicity stunts and how to get the press to notice! We also have an interesting discussion on “Pay What You Want” pricing structures and he mentions an awesome resource that you probably already have but just aren’t using!

Joe Diamond is a paranormal magician from Chicago Illinois. Just in his twenties, Joe has been able to turn his fascination for the paranormal into a full time career and has an amazing understanding into the workings of the strange & bizarre, often defying the boundaries between what we assume can and can’t be done.

He was the youngest First Place winner of the “Close Up Magic Classic,” an award given in Colon Michigan, the Magic Capital of the World and now performs his paranormal magic all over the country for private parties, corporations, and theaters.

Four years ago, Joe performed the world’s largest mind reading demonstration: completing a 33 acre cornfield maze while blindfolded, finishing in less than three hours. In fact, with his public demonstrations, Joe has been able to get more attention from the press lately than a good old fashioned Hollywood scandal.

Magician Jay Sankey says it best” “Joe has great skill, a marvelous sense of humor and more energy than any other four magicians combined! What more could you want?”


Success Mantra:

Dream like you’ll live forever, live like you’ll die today. — James Dean


Failure Story:

Joe tells us about a specific “hell gig” story that he had to endure where he was getting paid too little for too much, and was generally just a horrible experience.


Favorite Success:

Solving the world’s largest corn field maze blindfolded!



• Talks about his first venture into getting publicity.

• Tips where he got his idea for the blindfold corn maze walk. Hint: It’s Corinda’s!

• Putting different spins or angles on otherwise “classic stunts.”

• If you fail a stunt, the only people that will know are you and the reporter. And you can always find another reporter!

• Getting the word out about your stunt.

• Getting the photos and videos of your stunt.

• Be safe! Do your due diligence. You don’t have to do something dangerous. Joe has never done anything dangerous in his stunts.


Other Topics Covered

• Always being ready. “What would I do if I had to do it tomorrow night?”

• Touch on Joe’s venture into a “Pay What You Want” pricing structure.


Publicity Consulting

Joe offers consulting on publicity and publicity stunts. Shoot him an email for more info.


Recommended books and resources:

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Use your camera phone to get video of your show and video testimonials.

“Do you mind if we record this next trick?”

“Would you mind if I get a quick 10–20 second review of my magic?”


Business Books

Buzzmarketing by Mark Hughes

Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer

Thinker Toys by Michael Michalko

Audible Free Trial


Magic Books

Magic by Design by John Carney (Out of Print)

The Shiels Effect by Tony Shiels (Out of Print)

The Jinx by Theodore Annemann

The Phoenix


Where can we find Joe Diamond?

Joe’s Website



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