S8E11: Steve Chezaday — Tips & Tricks from a Rockstar Magician


This week, I bring you an interview with Steve Chezaday who shares some advice and insights from his years performing full-time. Topics include dealing with clients, pricing, managing your money, and customizing and maintaining your props. There’s a lot insight to be gained from this chat.

Chezaday is a magician who’s pretty much done it all from close up magic to grand illusion. His energetic show has taken him all over the country. He’s toured with Abbott’s Magic Festival and is also quite handy when it comes to building props and stage illusions. And he can do it all while rockin’ an air guitar!


Success Mantra

Always be prepared.

Always have your money work for you.


Personalizing & Maintaining Show Props

• Personalizing props.

• Custom painting goes a long way.

• Putting your own twist or spin on routines.

• Constantly capturing your own ideas on paper so you don’t lose them.

• Importance of quick reset.

• Preparing and maintaining larger props.

• Having protective cases for everything in a stage show.



Other Topics Covered

• Talks about how he gets shows.

• Stacking shows. Knowing your setup & teardown time and being efficient.

• The importance of saving and investing your money.

• Talked about how he had a part time job for a long time which helped him to build his magic career.

• How his correspondences with clients are mainly online through email now.

• Making your clients feel like they’re getting a bargain.

• The psychology of charging $295 instead of $300.

• Don’t sell your magic, sell you. You want them to want you, not just “a magician.”

• Don’t let people wait, because someone else will get back to a potential client if you don’t.

• Talks about working with the best and the worst in the industry while doing the Abbott’s show.

• Don’t be a prima donna. Try to make everything as simple as you can and treat everyone well. Be reasonable.


Failure Moment

Talks about a last-minute hell gig that came about because of miscommunication.


Favorite Success

Some of the charities that he’s able to work with.


Parting Advice

Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.


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