022 Paul Green - Strolling Magician

S2E10: Paul Green — Strolling Magician

022 Paul Green - Strolling MagicianThese are show notes taken from an audio interview. To listen to the actual interview, please use the player above.

Paul Green is a magician that I’ve had the pleasure getting to know a little bit here and there online, as well as through his works that he’s published. Paul’s made a living performing strolling magic for corporate & private events. He’s also been a frequent performer at the World Famous Magic Castle where he’s been awarded close up magician of the year and lecturer of the year.

Within the magic community he’s worn many hats, such as creator, teacher, author, columnist, and lecturer. Through his many avenues of teaching he’s taught, based on real world experience, on his area of expertise, which is strolling, or walk around closeup magic, as well as on the business side of things.

His name may be Green, but he’s certainly not new when it comes to knowing how to win at magic and business.

Success Quote:

Enjoy the search. – Paul Green

Enjoy the Search - Paul Green


A Moment of Failure:

Hear about the time that Paul was hired by a client for a large-scale illusion show and against his better judgement, did the illusions himself rather than hiring someone better fit for the situation. It bombed and he ended up losing the client.


Biggest success:

Remaining married to the same woman over 40 years and putting his daughter through college. Very respectable.


How does Paul differentiate himself?

He works very hard to be the most friendly person that you’ll ever meet.


Paul Green Talks about Strolling Magic

Paul talks at length about and answers questions specifically about strolling magic.
Here are some topics touched upon:

• The difference between “strolling” magic and “walk-around” magic.

• Is it possible to make a living primarily from strolling magic?

• How restaurant gigs are different from private parties.

• Misconceptions about strolling magic.

• Soliciting outside work from restaurant gigs.

• Pricing, being worth your price, and justifying your value to your clients.


What’s worked well for him business-wise?

Realizing that show business is a business, and running it accordingly.


Interesting Stories

Paul tells us three short stories that he’s experienced in his career so far, one of which involves a card trick that Nate Leipzig taught George Burns.


What would he have done different?

Paul would have worked harder on marketing.


Other topics touched upon:

• Talks about preparing and how to not get stuck in “analysis paralysis.”

• Fear of failure and fear of success.

• Talks about some of his “real jobs” and how those helped him be successful in his magic career.

• Finding a balance between work and family.

• Being protective of our families.

• Have interests outside of magic.


Parting advice:

Leave everyone you meet better off than before they met you. Make a positive difference in people’s lives.


Recommended books and resources:

Note: Many of the links in this section are affiliate links, meaning we earn a small portion of any sales. If you’re enjoying our podcast and decide to purchase one of the recommended resources or books, please consider using our affiliate links to help support the work we’re doing here at the Successful Performercast. Thanks!

Develop a great skill of communication.
Develop your vocabulary, learn how to speak properly.
Get involved with Toastmasters to hone your skills in speech.

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

In the theme of having interests outside of performing, here is one of Paul’s favorite mystery books:
Agatha Christie’s Poirot Books

Audible Free Trial


Where can we find Paul Green?

Paul can be contacted by email at paulgreen@earthlink.net

You can also find various products put out by Paul Green at magic shops.
Paul’s Products at Penguin Magic

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