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S4E8: Dan Holzman — Comedy Juggler

044 Dan HolzmanThese are show notes taken from an audio interview.
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In this interview, Dan Holzman and I talk about his ups and downs in his juggling career. We cover some great topics like how to find creativity, the power of positive thought, and exercising your comedy!

Dan Holzman is a comedy juggler who’s juggled with the Raspyni Brothers as well as a solo performer.

He’s opened for the likes of Robin Williams, Dana Carvey, and George Burns. He’s appeared on countless TV shows including The Tonight Show with both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, Entertainment Tonight, and the Howie Mandel Show. He’s also performed for top name corporate clients including IBM, Kraft Foods, McDonald’s, Macy’s, and Sears.

He’s skillful enough to be a great variety act…funny enough to be a comedy club headliner. – Mike Lacey


Success Quotes:

Don’t say no to yourself.

Take care of the day-to-day, but also swing for the fences!


Failure Moment:

he hasn’t focused on a target market yet for his solo juggling endeavors.


Favorite Success:

Being able to rise to the occasion when the risk is high. He gives an example of when he opened for Robin Williams.


Differentiates himself:

Tries to “out-clever” people.


Interesting story:

Dan tells about when he was part of the Raspyni Brothers and they had the opportunity to fly and perform in Europe for one of the wealthiest people in the world. All because they were seen performing at a Renaissance Faire.


Other Topics Covered:

• How he finds time to work on new projects.

• How he ads variety to his shows.

• Comedy is like a muscle. You have to exercise it.

• Connecting with your audience.

• Targeting your marketing efforts.

• Talks about how he ended up broke and then learned how to handle money.

• Acting calm when you don’t feel calm.

• The power of positive thought.

• Constructive criticism.

• Life is like a crap sandwich. The more bread you have, the less crap you have to eat. 🙂



• Finding your flow.

• He finds a happy medium in doing what he wants and what people want to see.

• Being creative within constrictions.

• Organic Creativity vs. Inorganic Creativity.

• Taking established ideas and reworking them so they’re unrecognizable from what they started as.

• Direct your thought towards a creative problem.

• Men create, monkeys imitate.


Parting Advice

Bruce Lee philosophy: using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation.

Michelangelo philosophy: cutting away what isn’t your masterpiece.

Don’t get in your own way.


Recommended books and resources:

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A stopwatch and journal to keep track of how he spends his time.



Comedy Writing Workbook by Gene Perret

Eccentricks by Charlie Frye

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

Audible Free Trial


Where can we find Dan Holzman?




BrainDrizzles.com – Dan’s Coaching Website

Drop Everything – Dan’s Juggling Podcast


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