059 Shawn Popp - Magic and Music

S5E11: Shawn Popp — Magic, Music, and ShowCues

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059 Shawn Popp - Magic and Music

In this interview, Shawn Popp talks about adding music to your performances and answers many questions that people have asked about his app ShowCues. Also, for three days only, he’s offering 20% off both his ShowCues App and the ShowCues Remote!

Shawn Popp, AKA the Magic Dude, is one of Colorado’s favorite performers. He’s built a career traveling the country performing his magic at corporate events, trade shows, private parties, and other special events. His thouroughally entertaining show includes magic, mentalism, comedy, and music.

Speaking of music, Shawn is also the mind behind the iOS app ShowCues, a sound control system which helps you to bring music to your shows. It’s almost like having a sound engineer in your pocket.



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Success Quote:

Make every day great and fun as well as every show!


Magic and Music

• How important music really is to a magic act.  

• How he chooses music for his shows. 

• Each performer needs to find what speaks to them and their own style.  

• Having a well-defined character helps when picking music.  

• Be aware of your audience.  

• Common places in a show where you can add music. 

• Three steps to adding music to your show.


About ShowCues App

SPECIAL FOR SUCCESSFUL PERFORMERCAST LISTENERS: For three days only, May 1–3, 2015, Shawn is offering 20% off of both the ShowCues App (taking it from $89.99 down to $69.99) and the ShowCues Remote (taking it from $59.99 to $47.99). 

The special offer has ended.

• What it is and why he created it.

• Android version coming soon.

• They’re open to feedback from users and take it into account to make the app better.

• A universal app (iPhone and iPad) is on the horizon and current users will be able to upgrade for free if they currently own one or the other.

• Why so expensive?

• Addresses questions and concerns regarding remotes not working with the app.


Failure Moment

Talks about a failed “card stab” on stage and what he did.


Favorite Success

Being booked over and over by the same clients year after year.

Other Topics Covered

• Talked about how he shifted into performing full-time which involved him freelancing as a graphic designer.

• Saving up money before you “jump ship.”


Parting Advice

Don’t sell yourself short. Do great magic. Price yourself accordingly.


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The Expert from Out of Town: Marketing a Business Nationwide by Anthony F. Perry

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Where can we find Shawn Popp?


Open the Trap Door

Shawn Preston’s Website

Conjuring Cabinet

Twitter @magicdudeco | Facebook

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