074 Alex Clark - Juggling and Cartoons
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S7E2: Alex Clark — Juggling and Web Cartoons

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074 Alex Clark - Juggling and Cartoons

In this interview, Alex Clark talks about how creating internet cartoons has helped him to grow and keep in touch with his audience when he’s not performing! He also talks about some of the ins and outs of working with an agent.

With his show that contains jaw-dropping tricks, quick-witted comedy, and crazy antics, Alex Clark has traveled around the globe performing at university campuses, festivals, and on other stages. He’s earned two People’s Choice Awards and was voted Best Novelty Act and Fastest Rising Star in the college market. He’s a comedian that stands above the rest, but that’s probably because he’s up on a ladder!

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Interview with Alex Clark: Success Quotes

Just tell people what you want.

If you’re not embarrassed by your first product, you waited too long to launch it.


Internet Cartoons

• How his internet cartoons have helped get people to his shows.

• Talks about he’s been able to use them to help build a fan base and keeps him top of mind.

• His cartoons give him a reason to keep in touch with his an base and email list.

• His cartoons are an extension of his comedy and another way he can express his talents.

• It’s a way for him to give more to his audience.

• How he’s monetizing his online cartoons.


Working with Agents

• How he got his first agent.

• An agent is a tool.

• How agents get paid.


Failure Moment

Talks about a recent NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) showcase he did where he thought he liked it, but didn’t book a single gig.


Favorite Success

Performing in New Zealand at the World’s Busker Festival


How does he stand out from his competition?

His internet cartoons.


What’s worked well in growing his business?

Trying everything. The more things you try, the more apt something is to work.


Biggest Profesional Challenge

Figuring out what to do next. He’s achieved all of his goals so far, so now he needs to decide what’s next. He wants the next challenge.


Anything he would have done differently?

He wishes he could go back and see what things would be like if he hadn’t made certain decisions.


Interesting Story

Tells about his experience at the Edison Fringe Festival which involved a skirmish on the streets outside his hotel and how one very nice Canadian man drove Alex all over town helping Alex find a prop he needed for his show. Plus, there’s a kicker ending.


Other Topics Covered

• Talks about how he discovered entertaining and juggling.

• Just doing it.

• Reaching out and putting yourself out there as much as possible.

• Lots of failures lead to successes.

• Talks about his branding, “a comedian who happens to juggle.”

• Talks about his marketing efforts.

• How he got his first fair gig.

• You never know where your gigs can come from.

• Street performing and how to find spots when he’s traveling.

• What might be on the horizon for Alex Clark.


Parting Advice

Just do it!


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Manual of Juggling by Max Holden

Johnny Carson by Henry Bushkin

How to Talk to Anyone by Leo Lowndes

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Where can we find Alex Clark?


Alex’s Cartoons

Twitter @itsalexclark | Facebook | Patreon


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