S7E10: Adam Wilber (Ellusionist GM) — Publishing Your Effect

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In this episode, Ellusionist General Manager Adam Wilber talks about the ins and outs of publishing your own effects to sell. He also tells some of the ways he’s drumming up his own business and booking gigs.

Boasting clients like CBS, NatGeo, SyFy, C|Net, and Discovery Channel, Adam spends his time in the corporate arena giving his clients “entertainment that doesn’t suck” with both close up and stage magic.

Not only that, but Adam is also the General Manager for Ellusionist internet magic shop having created a number of products in their catalog including Pyro, which allows you to shoot fire from your hands, and The Working Man, a video which takes you through some business strategy to help you start making money performing magic.


Success Mantra

Purposely stay busy.

Don’t get too tied up comparing yourself with others because there’s always going to be somebody far greater than you and somebody far less than you.

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.



• Talks about his role as GM for Ellusionist.

• What is Ellusionist looking for when adding something to their catalog?

• Who to talk to in order to pitch a product to Ellusionist and what to send.

• Do your due diligence.

• How earnings are split between the creator and Ellusionist.

• Talks about his first trick he submitted to Ellusionist.

• It also needs to fit Ellusionist.

• They sometimes times point you in the direction of a different online magic dealer.

• Talks about some of the bad submissions he gets.

• Take a look at some of the other new tricks out and see what they are and what some of the best selling products are.



Failure Moment

Tells about a failed emailing he did that went out to 400 emails where there was a very unfortunate typo.

Favorite Success

His role at Ellusionist.

Bigget Professional Challenge

Organization: keeping track of and keeping in touch with his clients.

What Would He Have Done Differently?

He would have “dressed up” a bit more for his Instagram videos so he could use them as promo videos on his website.

Other Topics Covered

• Having a destination or goal for what you’re working towards.

• Mentions the miracle morning book.

• Talks about how he got involved with Ellusionist.

• Talks about what he’s doing right now to start marketing himself in Boston having just moved there.

• Contacting a company in a creative way using magic to break the ice.

• Unique selling point.

• Defining who you want to work for, and going after them.

• The magic isn’t about you (the magician), it’s about your client, the guest of honor, the product your selling, etc.

Parting Advice

Stay busy with a purpose.


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Miracle Morning

Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz

Maximum Entertainment

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  1. Great podcast as usual Kris. I’ll probably relisten a few times to take down more notes. I see you mentioned Leadpages, I also think Kuia’s exit popup ( http://kuia.com/exit-popup ) is a little better. It looks nice and has better analytics. You may want to check it out. Anyways, as usual great stuff, keep it up.

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