S1E5: George Tovar—Classics of Magic with a Twist


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George Tovar is an actor and a magician in Los Angeles that performs Classics of Magic…with his own twist.

Favorite quote

Keep it simple, and turn your weakness into a strength.


Failure moment:

Dropped a secret prop right in front of everyone during a performance at the Magic Castle. It may or may not surprise you to find out what he did right after.


Biggest success:

Played a magician on Murder She Wrote and became a featured performer at Caesar’s Magic Empire in Las Vegas.


What would he have done different?

He would have gone to school to learn more about business and marketing.

Unique selling point

He performs classics of magic with his own twist.


Interesting story from the road

George tells about people throwing up and passing out in front of him while performing.


Other topics touched upon:

• Talks about how he “sort of fell into performing.”

• He had ambitions of being an actor and used performing magic to help him fund his “acting habit.”

• Talks about word of mouth and being really good at what you do.

• Tells us how acting and improv classes have really helped his magic.

• Why he does charity shows and how he decides which ones to perform at and which ones not to.

• Find out how George handles hecklers.

• Find out how George leverages his Magic Castle membership to get more business.


Parting advice:

If practice is a drudgery, find another profession. He mentions the tenacity of David Spade at the beginning of his career and how he just kept plugging away despite all his obstacles.


Recommended books and resources:

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Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz

Born Standing Up by Steve Martin

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Newspaper and current events. Be well read and up to date. This allows you to relate to more people about various topics.

Tyler Erickson’s Stronger Magic – Online Teaching


Where can we find George?

George’s Official Site


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  1. For the love of all that is holy STOP saying “very cool, very cool”! It makes you sound like your 12 years old and totally cheapens the intellectual level of what your talking about. They are giving great advice and solid words of wisdom, and you follow it with “very cool, very cool”. I love what your doing, I listen, but every time you say that its like nails on a chalkboard. It makes it sound like you don’t know what else to say. With respect.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Mike, I appreciate you listening. I’m very aware of this and you’re not the first person to mention it. I’m now making a conscious effort to stop saying “very cool.” (I might have to go on the patch though, haha!) I didn’t become aware of it until very recently, but you should start to notice less of this incriminating phrase starting with Josh London’s interview which is breaking this Friday (6/13). Thanks again for your feedback Mike, it’s appreciated and it will certainly help me to create a better show for you and all our listeners.

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