057 Amazing Allison Corporate Mentalism

S5E9: Amazing Allison — Corporate Mentalism

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057 Amazing Allison Corporate Mentalism

In this interview, The Amazing Allison shares her journey with us and offers some valuable insights into performing in corporate venues.

The Amazing Allison Campbell is considered to be corporate America’s leading female mentalist and infotainer and has performed in virtually all types of venues, including as a magical bartender at America’s Top Chef Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay and many appearances on national TV & radio.

She’s also a world-class mentalist, spokes-model and presenter for corporate applications working with and breaking sales records for dozens of Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Cisco, SanDisk, and Dell-Wyse.

In addition to all this, Allison has lectured on the business of magic and mentalism, being the first woman to lecture at Mindvention and the only person to be asked back to lecture for two consecutive years.



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Success Mantra:

Obstacles are those frightening things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. — Henry Ford


Corporate Performing

• Courting clients.

• Staying top of mind with your clients and prospects. 

• Being of value to your clients. 

• “Leading the conversation” with their prospects planting the idea of hiring them in their minds so it seems like their idea. 

• The importance of verbiage and language in your contracts.

• Drawing people to the trade show booths.


Biggest Profesional Challenge

Being a female mentalist in the “boy’s club” of magic and being taken seriously.


Failure Moment

Tells about a show for a very big client where they changed everything about the show at the very last minute.


Favorite Success

The same show from the failure story above. She tells how they got that client, and that they’re still working with them!


Differentiates Herself

The fact that she’s a female entertainer. Also, being able to draw the biggest crowds at trade shows.


Interesting Story

Sharing the stage with a paraplegic soldier and all the inspiration gained from him.


Other Topics Covered

• What it’s like working with her husband in business.

• How she landed her first restaurant gig.

• Separating business and personal life.

• Her experience lecturing at Mindvention.

• There’s always room for improvement.


Parting Advice

Don’t ever think that you can’t do something.


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Where can we find The Amazing Allison?

Amazing Allison’s Website


Lecture notes and magic products are available through email. allison@amazingallison.com

Twitter @magicallie | Facebook | LinkedIn

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