055 Julia Othmer Singer Songwriter

S5E7: Julia Othmer — Singer Songwriter Talks about her Successful Kickstarter CampaignS5E

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055 Julia Othmer Singer Songwriter

In this interview, singer/songwriter Julia Othmer talks about her career as a musician as well as her experience with her successful (and over-funded Kickstarter) campaign!

Julia has been captivating audiences for the past decade with her energetic performances. She’s shared the stage at the Lilith Faire Tour with the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Emmylou Harris, Heart, and Ingrid Michaelson, and shared the stage with artists like Regina Spektor, Amos Lee, and John Waite.

She’s won numerous awards for her songwriting including several Honorable Mentions at the Billboard World Song Contest, Semifinalist at the International Songwriting Competition, and Runner-Up at the Singer/Songwriter Awards.

You may have heard one of her songs featured on TV on shows like Witches of East End, Switched at Birth, The Lying Game, Army Wives, Party of Five, or DeGrassi: The Next Generation.

Be sure to check out her critically acclaimed album Oasis Motel as well as keep your eyes peeled for her followup album nearing it’s release very soon!



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Success Mantra:

Living in the question.
“How does it get better than this?”
“What else is possible?”
“What could be missing?”

Remaining in a state of questioning helps to keep creativity open.


What She Learned from her Kickstarter Campaign

• Tells how she went about her campaign.

• Reaching out to fans to find out what she could do for them.

• It’s not just a way to raise finds, but also a way to connect with and communicate with your fans.

• Tells how she figured out the different tiers of support and the rewards for such.

• Great way for your supporters to feel intimately involved with your art.

• Knowing what you want to accomplish with Kickstarter.

• Some of the underlying benefits of her Kickstarter campaign.


Working as a Muse

She’s had the opportunity of being the vehicle to help others with their own creative endeavors. For example, overcoming writer’s block, starting/finishing projects, or inspiration.


Favorite Success

Playing for a benefit at the Philadelphia Zoo and then getting to go backstage and see the big cats up close.


What’s worked best in growing her business?

Learning from her mistakes and valuing her audience.


Biggest Professional Challenge

Creating a workable business plan in an ever-changing industry.


Other Topics Covered

• Being creative when you don’t feel inspired.

• How she goes about begin creative.

• Allowing yourself to be steered by your creativity.

• Authenticity in what you build.

• Moving to LA and some of the things she did to get the ball rolling on getting gigs.

• Create things for yourself. Things you love and that you believe in.

• Not losing yourself in your process.


Upcoming Album

Julia talks a bit about her upcoming album which has yet to be named.
Here’s a teaser:


And here’s her current album: Oasis Motel


Parting Advice

Follow your joy.


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Pen & paper



The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life by Twyla Tharp

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Where can we find Julia Othmer?


Julia’s Overfunded Kickstarter Campaign

Twitter @juliaothmer | FacebookInstagram | Youtube

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