S4E11: Daniel Martin — Touring Comedy Magic

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In this interview, Daniel Martin drops some serious knowledge on how he’s been able to make a living performing magic! Among other things, we talk about overcoming fear, performing in restaurants, and how to find where you fit as an entertainer.

Daniel Martin is a magician, escape artist, and comedian.

He’s toured multiple shows around the country at colleges and university campuses, and his work has been featured on television networks like CBS, NBC, ESPN, and VH1.

For two years in a row, he’s been ranked as one of the top 3 touring acts in the country by event producers and activity directors. He was selected as “Best Live Performer” in 2012, was four times nominated for “Entertainer of the Year” and three times nominated for “Best Male Performer” all by Campus Activities Magazine in which he’s also been featured.

He has a highly interactive show that brings comedy and amazement alike.


Success Quote:

Feel the fear, and do it anyway! — Susan Jeffers


Touring His Stage Show

• To break into a new market and do it well, it will take an average of 3–5 years and cost $40–50K.

• Customizing his shows.

• Recording audio of every show.

• Getting butts in the seats.

• Advancing shows.

• Making sure the venues have promo materials for the shows.

• Communicating with the client to find out what they need.

• Using comment cards for his shows.


Other Topics Covered

• Fear, motivation, and stage fright.

• How he cut his teeth in restaurants.

• The effects of 9-11 on his business.

• “If you’re a starving artist, you’re doing it wrong.”

• How he learned marketing while working part time for various companies.

• How he worked the hardest he ever had while trying to get his performance biz off the ground.

• Balancing family life and work life.

• Benefits of performing in restaurants.

• If you want to be the smartest person in the room, shut your mouth and open you ears.

• Listen to what life is telling you.


Daniel on Comedy

• A laugh is equally as important as a magical moment.

• He combines his magic and comedy in a way that matches his character.

• Using laughs as misdirection.

• Cultivating emotion from laughter.

• Laughter is a way to people’s souls.


Favorite Success

How his show prevented a young girl from taking her life.


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