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Bonus: How are Jay Alexander & Christian Cagigal Building the Fog City Magic Fest


I’ve invited back onto my show Jay Alexander and Christian Cagigal because they have been putting together a four-day festival of magic up in San Francisco called the Fog City Magic Fest and I wanted to get them on to talk to them about how they’re putting it together.

They take us behind the scenes and talk about the nuts and bolts of how they’re going about putting together this four-day festival of magic.


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Fog City Magic Fest

Here are some of the topics Jay and Christian touch upon during this interview.

• They talk about the genesis of this project.

• How they’re marketing and promoting it.

• How they’ve decided on the performers.

• They talk about some of the challenges they’ve faced.

• How they’ve decided on their venue?


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Where can we find out more about Fog City Magic Fest?

Feb 10-13 at Exit Theater

Facebook | Twitter @FogCityMagic | Instagram


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