The Successful Performercast—Launching April 25!

successful performercast album artThe Successful Performercast is the show where I interview one full-time professional entertainer per week with the goal of inspiring and equipping those who are working to make the leap themselves. This is a show for all performers whether you’re a magician, a comedian, a juggler, or anything in between. You’ll hear and learn from the pros that are actually out there making a living doing what they love.

Right now I’m interviewing performers and getting ready for launch. If you know anyone who you would like to hear interviewed, or would like to be interviewed yourself, please email me at [hide_email].

If you’d like to download a free preview episode, featuring an interview with Houston magician Scott Wells, and be the first to know when we officially launch, sign up for the email list over there in the right column. –––>

See you on the 25th!

-Kris Sheppard

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