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S8E5: Laura Dickinson — Hard Work, Music, and Voice Acting


In this episode, voice actor and musician Laura Dickinson brings us insight into how she’s made it as a voice actor for Disney Animation and how good old fashioned hustle can really take you the distance.

Laura makes her living as a full-time musician, contracting for Disney providing singing voices for animated characters on Phineas & Ferb, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, and Sofia the First. Essentially, “your nine-year old daughter’s favorite singer.” You’ve also heard her voice on Pitch Perfect, Modern Family, and Supernatural.

When she’s not bringing her character acting talent, she’s also a frequent live performer fronting her own 17 piece big band and opening for names like Tony Bennett and Lyle Lovett.

She’s also recently released her debut album, One for My Baby – To Frank Sinatra With Love, which is a beautifully done and wonderfully arranged homage to Ol’ Blue Eyes.


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S6E1: Pete Ellison — Assembly Music Shows & Show Operations

These are show notes taken from an audio interview.
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061 Pete Ellison Musician

This week I talk to musician and school assembly performer Pete Ellison about how he started his very unique school shows and how he keeps all his show booking and client info straight!

Pete Ellison is the founder of One World Rhythm, which provides live, interactive, musical entertainment for schools, libraries, churches, and other private events. Their show combines multimedia with live instrumentation, even placing instruments into the hands of the students to create a unique, interactive musical experience for everyone involved.

Pete has studied for multiple years with Drum Circle Music, and is a Vic Firth Educational Artist. He’s also founded other notable groups like The Black Knights Drum Corps, which is a nonprofit youth organization in Burbank, California, and he was a founding member of the Southern California Percussion Alliance which serves over 3,000 youth percussionists each year.

In addition to this, he’s also created Show Operations, the ultimate show contact and booking system for entertainment professionals, which pretty much allows you to ditch your spreadsheet and Rolodex in favor of a more intuitive system.


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S2E2: Tiff Jimber — Attaining Musical Goals

Tiff Jimber-Singer Songwriter

These are show notes taken from an audio interview. To listen to the actual interview, please use the player above.

Tiff Jimber is a singer/songwriter in Los Angeles whose influences include Sara Bareilles, Ben Folds, Billy Joel, John Mayer, Nina Simone and Adele. She also knows what it takes to make a dream come true as she books all her own tours, plays over 100 shows a year and handles all marketing and scheduling, all while meticulously crafting her songs.

I’d also like to point out that she shares step by step how she set goals and followed through in order to get her music played on television. Listen in to hear her story!

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