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S8E12: Al The Only — General Practice Magician


In this interview, Al The Only talks about how he’s found success in being a “general practitioner” of magic. He also talks about how he came up with his brand of Al The Only.

For over 35 years Al has traveled the country with his magic, performing for corporate clients doing their trade shows, conventions, business meetings, hospitality suites and holiday parties. This includes companies like Apple, General Motors, Coca Cola, AT&T, and McDonald’s. You may also remember him from “Ask The Only,” which was his column in the Magic Menu where he fielded questions about the business side of magic. Today he’s here to share his thoughts on show business with us.


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S8E9: Fantastick Patrick — Juggling, TV, & Generosity


In this episode, Fantastick Patrick talks about his juggling career which includes performing on TV, dealing with fear & failure, and having a mindset of giving.

Fantastick Patrick is a juggler/comedian/unicycle wrangler/musician/curator of all things fun & awesome! He comes to us from Los Angeles yet travels around the country performing at fairs, festivals, and corporate shindigs. He’s also had multiple TV appearances on shows like The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Hell’s Kitchen, and the MTV Movie Awards.


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S5E5: Phil Ackerly talks about losing his day job and then going full time performing magic!

These are show notes taken from an audio interview.
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053 Phil Ackerly - Magician

22 Years ago, magician Phil Ackerly was laid off from his day job at Fujitsu Microelectronics with a wife, a ten month old son, and a brand new home that was just coming out of escrow. This ultimately resulted in him taking his passion of performing magic full-time, making it his career.
Flash forward to today, Phil is an award winning magician taking home numerous awards like first place close-up from Pacific Coast Association of Magicians in 2010 and five-time Gold Medal Winner for favorite Party Entertainer by Bay Area Parent magazine. He now performs over 350 shows every year at corporate events and private parties.


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S3E11: John Crist — Comedian

035 John CristThese are show notes taken from an audio interview.
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In this episode, I talk to comedian John Crist about his business and career in comedy. We touch on such topics as setting goals, taking risks, and failure. Enjoy!

John Crist is an award-winning comedian from Denver, CO who’s edgy, yet clean comedy has taken him around the country and made him popular with people of all ages.

He was a finalist in Comedy Central’s 2013 Up Next Comedy Competition, winner of the 2012 Denver Improv’s Got Laughs Competition, as well as the 2012 Loonees Comedy Competition.

He’s opened for Seth Meyers and In 2013, he performed 275 shows at top comedy clubs like The Hollywood Improv, the Comedy Magic Club in Los Angeles, the Las Vegas Laugh Factory, The Punchline in Atlanta, and his home club, The Comedy Works in Denver. Add to this performing for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, GE, Lexus, and HP.

Oh yeah, he was also Hand-selected by Adam Carolla to share the screen with him in an upcoming 2015 film called Road Hard

Louie Anderson says “It’s only a matter of time until John Crist is a household name. He is so likable, and his stand up is top notch.”


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