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S5E5: Phil Ackerly talks about losing his day job and then going full time performing magic!

These are show notes taken from an audio interview.
To listen to the actual interview, please use the player above.

053 Phil Ackerly - Magician

22 Years ago, magician Phil Ackerly was laid off from his day job at Fujitsu Microelectronics with a wife, a ten month old son, and a brand new home that was just coming out of escrow. This ultimately resulted in him taking his passion of performing magic full-time, making it his career.
Flash forward to today, Phil is an award winning magician taking home numerous awards like first place close-up from Pacific Coast Association of Magicians in 2010 and five-time Gold Medal Winner for favorite Party Entertainer by Bay Area Parent magazine. He now performs over 350 shows every year at corporate events and private parties.


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