In this interview, Thom Britton talks about building and marketing his three-man theatrical variety-type show, The Danger Circus. He talks marketing, publicity, working with agents, and a great deal of other related topics!

Thom is quite the showman, eating fire, directing plays, producing circus shows, lecturing on science, and studying the history of side shows and freak shows.

He’s been a professional performer for over 26 years with his various shows including:

Freakshow & Tell, his now retired one man show, that combined lecture and performance art, and covered his very personal journey into the world of the circus sideshow.

His current show is The Danger Circus, a three-man circus show that features fire eating, glass walking, knife juggling, dangerous escapes, and a unique blend of illusion and sketch comedy. You’ll be able to catch this show on tour very soon.