037 Suzanne

037 Suzanne

In this episode I talk to magician Suzanne! We cover various topics like what she learned studying under Al Schneider and what you can learn about your audience from a horse!

Suzanne is a world class magician and expert story teller from Minneapolis/St. Paul MN!

Using her magic as a vehicle to play with her audiences, Suzanne specializes in performing close-up magic for corporate and private audiences as well as at a number of restaurants in her area. She’s also a favorite at the Hollywood Magic Castle where she’s been the only female magician to not only be nominated for, but also win Close Up Magician of the Year which she received in 2010. She’s also appeared on the covers of Genii and MUM magazines.

She makes shy people shine and bold people laugh.

Jonathan Levit says “Her routines are masked in stories that touch your heartstrings and tie into her mystical imagination.”