038 Brian Brushwood

038 Brian Brushwood

In this episode I talk to Brian Brushwood!!! We cover a lot of great topics like how he got on the Tonight Show as a guest, passive income, and what really happens when you botch a prediction on live radio!

Brian Brushwood is a magician, TV host, Podcaster, author, and internet celebrity.

Magic-wise, he’s performed his bizarre magic show around the country at colleges and universities. He’s the host of Discovery’s Scam School where he teaches all sorts of magic tricks and bar bets that you can use to score free drinks from your friends at the bar. He’s also authored six books on the subject of magic.

Internet-wise, he’s been featured on a number of shows and podcasts like the NSFW show, Weird Things, Too long Didn’t Listen, Cord Killers, Night Attack, and he’s been a frequent guest on Leo Laporte’s show This Week in Tech. I guess you can say he’s sort of a big deal on the internet.

As if that isn’t enough, he can most recently be seen on TV hosing Nat Geo’s Hacking the System.