060 Michael Rayner – Juggler

060 Michael Rayner - Juggler

In this episode, I have the honor of interviewing Post Modern Vaudevillian, Michael Rayner about his career in juggling, mayhem, and on doing audience warmup shows! Yeah, he’s one of the guys that entertains live audiences between takes during TV show filmings!

To call Michael just a juggler would do him no justice, because his hilarious stunts range everywhere from balancing various objects on his face to spinning a cheeseburger on an umbrella.

As an actor you may have seen his appearances on Judging Amy, Sesame Street, Late Night with David Letterman, numerous appearances on Nickelodeon, and on countless commercials. He’s also a TV writer having written for The Game Show Network, E! Entertainment Television, and Nickelodeon.

Finally, he also warms up audiences watching filmings of sitcoms, but something tells me this is just scratching the surface of Michael’s world.