057 Amazing Allison Corporate Mentalism

057 Amazing Allison Corporate Mentalism

In this interview, The Amazing Allison shares her journey with us and offers some valuable insights into performing in corporate venues.
The Amazing Allison Campbell is considered to be corporate America’s leading female mentalist and infotainer and has performed in virtually all types of venues, including as a magical bartender at America’s Top Chef Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay and many appearances on national TV & radio.

She’s also a world-class mentalist, spokes-model and presenter for corporate applications working with and breaking sales records for dozens of Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Cisco, SanDisk, and Dell-Wyse.

In addition to all this, Allison has lectured on the business of magic and mentalism, being the first woman to lecture at Mindvention and the only person to be asked back to lecture for two consecutive years.

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