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S5E10: John Abrams — Assembly Shows

These are show notes taken from an audio interview.
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058 John Abrams – Assembly Shows

In this interview, John Abrams brings us into his business performing assembly shows at elementary schools. He doesn’t hold anything back and even gives us some example scripts designed to make his shows more effective in their intended objectives!

John Abrams is a magician, actor, Emcee, husband and dad, who has found his passion, and probably also his calling in performing school assembly shows for elementary schools.

Since 1998, John has performed school assembly shows, starting with his flagship show, Animal Magic, featuring all live exotic pets. He would perform that show an average of 250 times per year. Since then, he’s created countless other shows that bring inspiration and help teachers tackle topics like bullying, drugs, and the importance of good character. He currently performs over 500 shows each year at elementary schools and libraries all over Southern California.

John is also an expert in marketing and has taught his methods of getting shows to other performers over the internet, through lectures, and various information products.


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