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S3E12: Katrine Spang-Hanssen — Corporate Juggler

036 Katrine Spang HanssenThese are show notes taken from an audio interview.
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In this episode, I talk to corporate juggler Katrine Spang-Hanssen, partner to Scotty Meltzer. We delve into corporate entertainment exploring topics like brainstorming jokes for your act, writing custom scripts, and memorizing them. Also find out why the show MUST NOT GO ON!

Katrine Spang-Hanssen is a corporate juggler who’s talents have taken her around the world!

She grew up in Denmark from a musical family, so performance was not an uncommon thing. She moved to the States when she was 20 and is just barely recovering from culture shock.

She’s had the opportunity to tour with and open for a number big name entertainers like Kenny Rodgers, Willie Nelson, and Natalie Cole. Add to this hundreds of comedy clubs, fairs, festivals, colleges, and theater productions. She’s now one of two principal performers for Comedy Industries which specializes in creating custom presentations for trade shows, training sessions, sales meetings, and other corporate applications. Clients include Ansys, Commvault, HP, IBM, NETGEAR, and Seagate.

A couple cool facts about Katrina: She speaks six languages, and also plays drums with several bands around the Bay Area. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is cooler.


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S2E10: Paul Green — Strolling Magician

022 Paul Green - Strolling MagicianThese are show notes taken from an audio interview. To listen to the actual interview, please use the player above.

Paul Green is a magician that I’ve had the pleasure getting to know a little bit here and there online, as well as through his works that he’s published. Paul’s made a living performing strolling magic for corporate & private events. He’s also been a frequent performer at the World Famous Magic Castle where he’s been awarded close up magician of the year and lecturer of the year.

Within the magic community he’s worn many hats, such as creator, teacher, author, columnist, and lecturer. Through his many avenues of teaching he’s taught, based on real world experience, on his area of expertise, which is strolling, or walk around closeup magic, as well as on the business side of things.

His name may be Green, but he’s certainly not new when it comes to knowing how to win at magic and business.

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